Tsunami features

An easy to use, comfortable, rock-solid, individually customized platform with all the tools you need to build your touristic web project.

Linked multi-directory

One of the main benefits of using Tsunami is its ability on managing multiple linked directories.
You can set up different directories such as bars, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc. and fill them with some establishments than can belong to one or some directories.
Create campaigns and link them immediatly to attached establishments, without content duplicity.

Fluid multi-language

This Tsunami feature avoids you to create specific pages and modules for each language. Save your time translating your multi-language site without duplicating sections and contents.
Tsunami is ready to work with multilingual websites in a quick and solid way, optimized even for languages like chinese or russian.

Custom fields

Every project has its own peculiarities: hotels offer rooms, restaurants offer tables, cities have places, etc. That's why Tsunami allows using custom fields for every single directory.
We set up the control panel for you so your touristic website management is easy, confortable and quick.

SEO Ready

Tsunami uses the last web programming language: HTML5.
Make you website content visible to your audience thanks to Tsunami.
Our control panel allows you to edit individualy each title, url and meta descriptions for every page and section on your website for each language.

Social share

Make your audience talk about your project on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc. Increase the number of visitors in your website thanks to Tsunami and its sharing tools that allow you to show your places, hotels, restaurants, business, pictures, etc. from your touristic web portal.

Imagic picture gallery

With Imagic technology, specifically developed for Tsunami, you will be able to manage all the images in your website in an optimal way.
Create thumbnails of any size and insert them into your website content. Set up photo galleries as easy as drag and drop from your computer. Use different styles and shapes to show your pictures in an unique and original way.


Google Maps Plugin

Tsunami works with the Google Maps application programming interface to show your touristic website items into a map.
the item to its exact position over the map from your control panel.
You can show or hide it in the directory, you can show all the items or just the featured ones, you can make them appear depending on the category they belong to, etc.
Geoloposition the content of your website with Tsunami and the Google Maps plugin.

Easy gest technology

Change all the images in one category, set up a new entry, upload a campaign, unsubscribe directory items, create new menus... Tsunami allows you to manage all the sections and contents on your webpage with one click, from one single admin panel. Tsunami Easy Gest Technology: the easy-to-manage platform for your website.

Personal Support

Behind Tsunami there are the people who make it possible. We are the people who will attend you if you have any doubt or something to tell us.
Just send us an e-mail to tsunami@ladeus.com and we'll respond you as soon as possible or, if you prefer you can phone us from monday to friday from 9 to 19h.


Thanks to the last responsive web developing techonoly HTML5 and CSS3, all projects build in Tsunami are compatible with all the current devices.
Tablets, smartphones, SmartTv, Desktop PC, laptop, netbooks, etc. Your touristic web portal in your audience's hands.


We use powerful programming frameworks (such as Bootstrap, CodeIgniter, JQuery, etc.) for developing Tsunami under "light code" guidelines, optimizing each code line and every file, lightening the image and scripts loading and server requests.
Your website will load faster and your visitors will get the best user experience thanks to Tsunami.

Innocuous update

Tsunami is a constant evolving tool. Our technical team is introducing new features and improvements that will update your control panel automatically and free of charge.
Tsunami is a flowing platform that fits to a constant changing environment.